Friday, August 13, 2010

109: My first Lush haul

Hello Friends :)

I just wanted to share a big mistake I made earlier this week. Yes it was a Lush haul. A totally UNnecessary Lush haul.

I'm quite a late bloomer when it comes to makeup and Lush but a week ago I finally visited the Lush store here in Chatswood and picked up a 500g bottle of Happy Hippy Shower Gel (I LOVE THE SMELL) and a 100g bar of Honey I Washed The Kids soap.

Usually when I pass by Lush I would get really annoyed with the mixture of smells so honestly I have no idea how I ended up buying their products!

Since it was my first time the very happy/helpful salesgirl gave me 2 free samples (so sweet). She gave me a 30g bar of Sexy Peel soap and a sample size cup of Flying Fox Shower Gel. I hated Flying Fox. I wanted to give it to my friend but then I thought that would be really mean because it smelled so bad. Little did I know it would become one of my favourites! I used half of the sample cup last night and I loved it. I couldn't stop smelling my skin. It's just smells so.. different (good different). I loved my Lush products so much that I gave my coworker my Sexy Peel soap sample. She said that she really liked it and that it smells like lemonade :)

So on Tuesday night I went to the Lush website to see what other products they had since I heard a lot of youtubers rave about the bath ballistics. Much to my surprise they had just started a new promotion.

*Buy $80 worth of Lush products and receive your choice of bath product (bath ballistic, bubble bar, or massage bar) for FREE!*

Immediately I thought to myself OMG HOW LUCKY am I to have seen this promotion while it was still valid!!! I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff. Anything that's for free.. I just want it all! So there I was naively choosing my $80 worth of products and being all happy and giddy about the great deal that I totally forgot to add in the shipping charges. I ended up buying just over $80.. $80.20 to be exact and decided to choose the most expensive *FREE* item there was - The Comforter bubble bar at $10.50. It wasn't until after checkout that I had realized that shipping was going to cost me $9. If we work out the math I ended up only getting $1.50 worth of free products :(((((

Well boo-hoos aside I still really love my little Lush haul. I placed the order on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and I received my package Thursday early in the morning at 7:40am to be exact (I chucked a sickie that day because I had a feeling that my packages would be arriving - how gay am i - i need help) It felt like Christmas time in August and I was so happy with all the things I got!

Here is my little Lush package all wrapped up :)

I love how they recycled the Newsletter used it as packing 'stuffing'!


These were my FREEBIES! (My free gift - The Comforter and they gave me a free sample of Daddy O Liquid Shampoo - this is soo good I used it together with Flying Fox and the scents.. OMG SO GOOD)

Look at how big the bubble bar is (it's huge!)

Rockstar Soap (I took it out of the Lush paper and wrapped it in saran wrap. I don't like to keep them in the Lush bags cause they soak up a lot of the oils.

Body Butter tins. I really loved these tins but the Body butters didn't interest me at all so I ended up just getting the tins for around $5 each. (If you buy 2 Body Butters Lush will give you a tin for free!)

Flosty Gritter and Sunny Side Bubble Bars :)

Here's what they look like! SO MUCH GLITTER :D

Bath Ballistics. I chose a Butterball and 2 Ickle Baby Bots. I got the Butterball because it was the most popular bath bomb and it smells like Honey I Washed The Kids. I got the 2 Ickle Baby Bots because honestly I just wanted something cheap to get my $80 and I think these were $3.50 each.

Look at his little robot face! :)

The last 2 products I got were fragrances. I chose the Candy Fluff Body Powder and Honey I Washed The Kids Solid Perfume. I love these scents so much I want to eat it!

As you guys can probably guess from my tone I was indeed very happy with my little Lush haul. There's still so much more I want to try but I'll do my best to control myself and only buy more when I finish these :)

Another package I got on Thursday morning was my Victoria's Secret order. I actually ordered UGG boots for my mom and I found that Victoria's Secret had the best international shipping rate. My package came with a Victoria's Secret catalogue with Australian model Miranda Kerr on the cover :) My mom has wanted her own UGG boots since the beginning of Australian Winter and I promised that I would get her a pair. Along with the boots I also got 5 pairs of PINK undies (5 for $35) and a PINK Spa Wrap. During the time of my order PINK was offering a FREEBIE too!

*Buy any PINK item and receive a free PINK Me Up Shine On Lip Gloss* These glosses are usually 1 for $7 or 3 for $15. I got the Pink Lemonade colour.

PS. I didn't even get to play with my KATE eyeshadow for a week and my boyfriend broke a piece of it (far left). He reached for his face cream and pushed my eyeshadow off the ledge :(((

That's it for now! Sorry for boring you guys with all my words.. :/



  1. Thank you for your sweat reaction on my blog :)
    I'm just in LOVE with your lush order! I on;y have Lemony Flutter in posession but I want so much more :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! What a huge haul!

  3. Hi Girls!

    Thank you for your lovely comments!

    @Art of Nail: Are you a Lushie too?! :D

    @Tessa: No worries! I really liked your Leopard Nails :D Do you recommend Lemony Flutter?

    @Becky: I kinda went a little crazy didn't I? And to think it was just for the FREE gift lol :)