Saturday, August 7, 2010

108: Japanese makeup (mini) haul

Hi Lovlies!!!!!

Gosh I missed you guys so much! I missed writing in this blog. I'm so sorry to have abandoned this blog for such a long time but I live in Australia and here in Australia we don't have the luxury of super fast UNLIMITED internet access. There's always a limit and we ALWAYS get capped. My internet has been so slow lately because our modem is #%$@!& so we're looking in to getting a brand new one soon. I wanted to post a nail entry today but I'm going to re-do the look I did today because I feel like I could've done better. Instead I wanted to show you guys my new babies. They arrived from Japan a few days ago. I'M SO EXCITED :)

Group Shot!

This is the Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator (3D) in number 66. When I purchased this blush I mistakenly bought only the refil and not the WHOLE item (case+blush+brush combo). I'll post a picture of the case+brush when I get it.

This is the KATE Gradical Eyes palette in GY-1. This palette even comes with a nice eye base (far right). I thought this was going to be a greyish (smokey) colour but it just looks like dark brown to me.

This is the KATE Gel Eye Liner in BR-1 (brown w/a little bit of glitter). I like this one better than the black. It looks a bit more natural and the glitter is not noticeable.

This is the KATE Diamond Cut Eyes palette in BR-3. This is my favourite palette! The brown and pinks are so nice :)

Just to clear things up: I'm a total newb when it comes to makeup but I've been really into reading makeup blogs ALONG with nail blogs so I just wanted to try these out. If you guys want swatches of the products I bought then just leave a comment to let me know.

See you guys tomorrow with a nail post!



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