Wednesday, August 25, 2010

111: Please read

Hi Everybody

I wanted to post a fun nail art entry today but the events of the Hostages in Philippines has completely ruined my spirits. Some of you might know that a couple of days ago an ex-police officer in Manila hijacked a Hong Kong tour bus and shot dead 8 Hong Kong tourists. I cried at work when I read the news on CNN. Not because they were Chinese or anything but just the pure stupidity of how Philippine officials handled the situation. If it were any other race/nationality/country I would still feel the same. It just feels like 8 innocent paying lives were sacrificed. All I keep thinking about were the brave people on that bus. Some who died trying to subdue the gunman and the children who now have become orphans. We gathered at work today and spent a few minutes in silence for the wives who've lost their husbands and children, for the grandparents who've lost their children and grandchildren and for the children who've lost their parents. Let us all hope that those who failed on the innocent lives will get what they deserve.

PS. I really didn't want to talk about this because it just makes me completely disgusted but there are photos going around the internet taken the day after the shooting of Filipino schoolgirls and even police posing and smiling in front of the bullet hailed bus.

What can I say or even feel about that? It's not worth it to waste my time on rat bastards who show no sympathy for the dead. It took you 10 hours to settle the hostage situation. 8 dead. You're really proud of that aren't you? Whatever. They're garbage.


  1. Im also disappointed when I saw those pics online..I dont get why do they need to make some pose and had a very big SMILE in front of the bus!!
    I am a Filipino and we are really sorry for the victim family...
    lets just pray for the world peace!!

  2. oppsss. just an update the bus is already remove on the hostage location..

  3. I had not heard of this. Real tragedy, not only the shooting but also the after-pictures... How are we supposed to raise caring children when even adults behave like that, even the police...

    I'm really shocked. Serious media discussion would be needed, as to advice people how to pay RESPECT. I'm afraid kids start to misuse their (cell-phone) cameras for all kind of stupid things if they're not guided. And adults too, it seems.

  4. With all due respect, nobody has the right to refer to us Filipinos as garbage.. nobody ever wanted for this to happen... this is an "ISOLATED CASE". It just so happened that the tourist bus was at the wrong place at the wrong time... yes, the gunman is a desperate lunatic who used the wrong method for laying down his sentiments... But that is him, not us... about how the police handled the situation, yes there are lapses, wrong judgements, and misdecisions... but they already admitted their mistakes... we shouldn't be judged generally because we are also victims here... We are sorry for what our fellow Filipino did.... but we don't deserve to be called such names... It is totally unfair for us hardworking, morally inclined, truth seeking 70 million Filipinos to be treated this way just because 1 insane ex-cop missed on his decision....

  5. Hi Girls,

    Thank you all for your opinions and comments. I really appreciate it!

    Thriszha I just hope that in the future there won't be any backlash and that Philippine-China relations are still going strong. I would love to visit Cebu I heard it's beautiful!

    Doo I actually didn't know about the news until after the shooting had come to an end. I only found out on CNN too and it is very sad.

    Mae, I think you might have misunderstood what I meant by what I wrote. In my whole post I wanted you guys to know that I have absolutely nothing against any nationalities or cultures. I am not judging Filipinos as a race but those PEOPLE in the pictures and their actions. If Chinese people were to smile and take pictures in front of the World Trade Centre 10 hours after the terrorist attacks then I would say those exact same things about them too. I love people of all nationalities and I'm very sorry if there was any misunderstandings.

  6. I didn't think you were calling Fillipino people garbage. I got what you were saying. I agree the behavior of the people smiling in front of that bus is despicable.

    And sadly, people were taking pictures of the world trade center hours after the attack and posing, but they were not from around there, and they were quickly screamed stupid by native NY'ers.

  7. Hi KJ :)

    Thank you for understanding my post. And thank you so much for your comment. I know what you're talking about. I actually went to NY from Toronto (when I was still living in Canada) My friends and I were on a shopping tour but for some reason the WTC was one of our 'tourist' attractions. This was about 2 years after 911 but I mean I felt a bit disgusted. We got to the spot and instead of taking pictures and SMILING in front of the empty site we just read the plaques and walked off to get hot dogs. I just couldn't stand it. We told our tour guide later that we felt it was extremely horrible that this has now become a tourist attraction and he said that WTC is now infamous and this was the number 2 requested area to visit in NY. (number 1 of course is the Statue of Liberty) I mean obviously people are going to talk about it and take pictures of it and share with other people. As time goes by our hearts will heal but to think that the authorities in those pictures did that 1 DAY after the shootings is just horrible.

  8. Hi there! I came across your blog and love that you're a fellow nail polish addict. :)

    I'm from Hong Kong, and trust me, in my heart, while I am devastated that this happened, I DO NOT hate the Phillippines or its people. Some of my bestest friends are from there and they are the kindest, sweetest people in the world.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - it's cliche but true. I believe that people are, still, inherently good. Thanks for this post - and let's just move on, and walk away from those who fail to have the compassion to understand. They are not the ones that matter.