Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello Lovelies :)

I know I promised to update in China but to my surprise the Chinese goverenment had blocked all websites relating to BLOGS! I couldn't read your great blogs for 3 weeks but now I'm in Hong Kong for a couple of days and I'm taking this chance to catch up on my nail blogs. I haven't bought any special nail polishes in China because there are too many fakes out there. Buyers Beware! I did manage to pick up a UV light and a Gel Nails kit but I'm going shopping with my baby sister tomorrow here in HK so hopefully we'll find something good :)

In the meantime I just wanted to share this with you guys. Getting your nails done in China is uber cheap! My cousin and I got Gel Nail extentions for $180RMB which is about $30AUD. WOW! And it looked pretty decent too. What do you guys think?

My cousin's nails look more natural than mine.

My nail tech gave me Swarovski crystals for free. Yay :)

PS. Please excuse my super dry and rough hands. China is cold and I haven't been moisturizing enough :(



  1. wow!! thats pretty mani..i had bought a china nail polish here in abu dhabi.. the brand name is called "enchant" it was a made in china but manufactured in Dubai... have u seen this kind of polish there in HK?

  2. Love both manicures, so very pretty!

  3. Hi Gildedangel

    Thanks we had a great time getting them done. It was a great bonding experience haha :)

  4. Hi Thriszha

    I've never seen 'enchant' before here in HK. Maybe it's one of those specialty polishes you can only find in certain stores? I only went to a store a SaSa and I couldn't find it there. Maybe you've got something really special lol :D

  5. Mighty Lambchop!

    Thank you I really love the faded affect look. It took a long 3 hours but we had fun :)