Thursday, December 17, 2009

71: Gel nails sample

Hi Everybody!

I'm so sorry but I think something is weird with my Blogger. I've been trying to reply to comments but when I click submit somehow just it logs me out of the site :( I'll keep trying though. Sorry girls I'm not ignoring you on purpose!

Anyways when I was in China my cousin and I went to a Beauty Wholesale building. Basically it had everything you needed from nail supplies to facial tables to hair dye. We went around to all the nail stores and bargained our butts off!

I'm going to be working more with gel nails now because the acrylic smell is really getting to me. I even bought myself a 9w UV light for $35RMB which equals to about $6AUD muahahah. I also bought Swarovski rhinestones (not the cheap acrylic ones) and glitter flaky coloured gels. The only reason I wanted to get Swarovski crystals is because it's reusable (most of them are anyways) and they look so much nicer. A lot of the times when I use the acrylic rhinestones the backing melts off when they come in contact with top coats or even the polishes themselves. This will be a good investment :)

I've been playing around with my new equipment tonight and I managed to come up with 2 different sets using the glitter coloured gels. What do you guys think?

This is taken with flash. This gel has a baby blue hint to it and contains blue-purple-pink hexagon glitters with silver microglitter. Maybe a second layer would've brought out more colour. I'll try it next time!

This is taken without flash.

This is taken with flash. I used a Copper glitter gel and a Silver glitter gel for this sample. The silver just blends into the copper and makes it look more on the golden side. This was fun to make because I got to try creating a smile line with gel.

This is taken without flash.

PS. I removed my gel nails and I'm back to natural short nails.. for now. Here's my NOTD. This is 3 coats of China Glaze's Blue Sparrow. This colour dries matte but I think it looks better with a top coat. More shiney :)

This is taken without the top coat.

This is taken with a coat of Seche Vite.

The next post will be just about a few of the nail art deco stickers I got from Hong Kong and a few more swatches of polishes I bought in Canada. See you guys then :D



  1. There are many steps you can take to control the odor of acrylic products:

    Follow these steps and if you continue with acrylic, I think it will help.

    Jessie Burkhardt
    Director or Marketing & Communications for NSI

  2. Hi Gildedangel :)

    Thank you. It was my first time playing with these glitter gels. Hopefully I'll come up with more designs soon!

  3. Hi Jessie!

    Thank you so much for your advise! I've heard of NSI before and would love to give it a try sometime. Maybe when I finish my IBD powders I can switch over to NSI :)

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  5. Ok how do I get rid of acrylic nails at home already tries soaking in acetone. With no luck tries sanding ended up making dents in my own nail. Tried picking the edges that didn't get me anywhere please help. !

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