Saturday, December 26, 2009

73: Gel Nails

Hi Girls and Boys!


I did my cousin Vicky's nails last night and the whole process took around 2.5 hours. By the end our backs were about to break in half! Here's what her nails look like now..

This is a basic gel overlay on her natural nails. I used the blurple gel glitter and added rhinestones but they fell off while she was sleeping last night. I really like using gel but sometimes it's a bit hard to control.

In one of my other posts I was complaining about the smell of acrylics and I got some great advice from Ms Jessie Burkhardt from NSI. She posted this link which brings you to the NSI website and lists all the ways you can control the acrylic odours. There's good information there so if you're using acrylics you should check it out!

I'll try to update with some more swatches and pictures of the nails stickers that I got from Hong Kong. See you guys next time :)


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