Wednesday, September 15, 2010

115: Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo 2010

Hi Everyone :)

Sorry for not blogging in a while but work has been so busy lately. I hope you guys still enjoy reading my little posts from time to time. I just wanted to share my nail polish haul with you all. I didn't get a lot of things this year but I was still happy with what I got. I was really disappointed because I didn't get there early enough to book a Minx manicure. By the time I got to the stall it was only 10:30am and they were fully booked out! The big highlight this year was definitely CND's Shellac! There were so many people lining up for demos and I loved the product. Although it would be better if they released more colours this year. I guess that's a good marketing strategy though.. adding new colours every year :)

I forgot to bring my camera to the Expo but even if I did I wouldn't be able to take pictures there were just too many people! Hope you guys enjoy this mini haul :)

Mini stash..

I had to get a refill of my Zoya Remove +. I bought 2 extra ones for 1 friend and 1 blog pal (requested) :)

I found great colours at the Zoya booth this year. I loooved the Sparkle collection so I bought 2! One for my cousin (she's moving to China for her job) and another for my sisters in Hong Kong. The other collections I got were Zoya's Ultra Glitters (I've wanted them since last year!) and Zoya's Winter Matte Velvet (2009). One of my friends came over to our family dinner last Friday and she loved Harlow (from Winter Matte Velvet) so I ended up giving that one to her (it all happened so fast I didn't even have time to swatch it for you guys.. sorry!)

I didn't like OPI's deal this year so I didn't end up getting a lot. Their new colours weren't really interesting anyways so I ended up getting backups of Happy Anniversary! and Princesses Rule!. I got Russian Navy for my coworker and ended up picking out 2 for myself. I got Catch Me In Your Net and Cuckoo For This Colour. My cousin (Again!) locked her eyes on my glittery OPIs and took away my backups of Happy Anniversary!, Princesses Rule! and Catch Me In Your Net. I let her have the backups because I can just get those from Bankstown whenever I wanted but the only reason why I was willing to give up Catch Me In Your Net was only because I felt like it looked really similar to Zoya's Charla (from the Sparkle collection). I also found these 2 OPI mini sets at the Expo for $10AUD each (WOO HOO!)

I was super excited to see Orly this year only because they weren't at the Expo last year. This is Orly's Sweets collection. I got this for my little sister. Last time I saw her she was really into painting her nails it was adorable so I thought that this would be the perfect colours for her age! (Pictures taken without and with flash.. I feel like the with flash picture portrays a more acurate colour)

I'll be back soon with swatches!
PS. I'm going to the S.H.E. press conference in Sydney tomorrow! Yayyy :D



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