Thursday, October 1, 2009

62: New nail colour swatches

Hi Girls!

I went to my nail supply shop a week ago with one of the girls from my workplace who also happens to be a nail polish fanatic. She was like a kid in a candy store when we arrived. I picked up a few more colours and most of the polishes I bought this time are very colourful, playful, and summer-y. My good camera ran out of batteries so I couldn't take any pictures of new swatches but hopefully I'll have my room cleaned and I'll find my battery charger soon!

OPI's Hey! Get In Lime!

OPI's Fair Dinkum Pinkum

OPI's Blushingham Palace

OPI's Brand New Skates

OPI's Rent (a VERY sheer glitter-green-tinted polish)

OPI's Dazzle Me (a sheer light blue-green glitter)

Essie's St. Martin Mint in a weird bottle (there's no Essie logo)

Essie's St. Barths Blue

Essie's St. Martin Mint are on the ring and index fingers. Essie's St. Barths Blue are on the middle and pinky fingers.

Orly's Spark

China Glaze's OMG

This is the China Glaze OMG Text In Colour 2BKEWL set

China Glaze's DV8, BFF, IDK, LOL.

China Glaze's 2NITE

Multicoloured :)

OPI's Blue My Mind with a coat of a Japanese brand glitter polish.

China Glaze's Grape Juice

China Glaze's Grape Juice with Mattified index and ring fingers.

OPI's DS Diamond

My new colour swatch stand.

This was something I made by accident. I wanted to create something abstract but the colours started to mix. Opi's Black Onyx with the colours from Essie's Neon Collection

My Konad challange. Eww look at how stained my nails are :(

In my last post I was very excited about a new purchase from eBay and I just wanted to show you guys what it is!

My Fujifilm Instax Mini 25: Hello Kitty Edition :D

This is the type of film/picture the camera produces. It's very good quality!

Unfortunately the instructions came in Japanese! The whole time I was thinking !KAE I NEED YOU! I struggled with it for a while and then I just follwed the pictures and tried to use my common sense and it worked!

Until next time :)



  1. OMG IS THAT A POLAROID??? How much does it cost? Is it reusable? omg omg omg Ive been wanting one for ages!!!

    And btw, I have basic knowledge of Japanese so if you really need something translated next time, maybe I could help :)

  2. Wow you got a ton new polish, looooove! They are all so pretty, you even snagged St. Martin Mint! Lucky ducky :)

    I love your camera! do you have to buy the film off ebay too? I still have a few polaroids myself but digital cameras have come to rule to world lol. Anyway it's super cute! And welcome back (^-^*)

  3. How cute is that camera! Nice haul of polishes. You really got some amazing shades. Especially St Martin Mint!

  4. Wow! Such great colors! That's awesome that you found St. Martin Mint. It looks just lovely on you. Love your new camera, it's adorable. My sister would be coveting that if she saw it!

  5. *gasps* you went into a beauty supple and bought st. martin mint?
    i wish i were so lucky in the states. i cant even find it online : (

  6. Hi there, I just found your blog. :) I want the Hello Kitty camera now. Where did you get it?

  7. Hi,
    I bought mine from

    just call or text the person instead.
    you get a much faster reply! :D

    plus, i suggest u get the camera and also get 10packs of film (she's selling only one pack at $10 if u are buying the cam from her)

    super worth it. :D

  8. On your photo's under my new colour swatch stand, the fourth row back you have got three green nail polish colours, can you please tell me the name and brand of the middle one, thank you :-)