Sunday, September 6, 2009

58: Colour swatches

Hi Girls :)

I have a few swatches for you guys today but it's nothing special or something you haven't seen before. I was just playing with polishes so I decided to take pictures of them too :)

I live in Australia and we don't usually get new collections until maybe half a year or even a year later than a few of you girls in Canada or the States so when I find something that I've seen on other blogs I feel super happy. When I went to the Beauty Expo I managed to find some China Glaze nail polishes (I couldn't find these colours from my nail supply store). So I got China Glaze's For Audrey and a few of the colours from their Romantique collection..

China Glaze's For Audrey

China Glaze's Cherish, Admire, Adore and Harmony

Please excuse my horrible cuticles I haven't had time for a proper manicure. Also I can never keep my nails looking nice when I'm working and I've been working a lot lately.. so much that I even broke a new nails :(

These were my NOTW. I didn't have a lot of time to change polishes so I had to make them Nails Of The Week..

China Glaze's Adore

This beautiful orange-red is a colour from Sparitual. I picked this colour for a manicure at Miss Divine which is Emma's Nail Spa but I forgot to take down the name. I'll find out for you guys next time I pay her a visit. I really like the Sparitual range and they use Vegan ingredients too which is eco-friendly :)

I'm off to swatch more colours now!



  1. So sorry you broke some nails. For Audrey is such a lovely color. Adore looks really pretty on you. Also the Spa Ritual is a pretty coral looking shade. Another pretty shade on you.

  2. These are beautiful color ! I love this Sparitual on you and it looks so shiny :-) And if I'm not wrong, these foil China Glazes are great with Konad.

  3. Very pretty colours!! I love the China Glaze's Adore a lot!! I hope you had lots of fun at the beauty expo:) Take care!!

  4. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you for commenting even though I've been such a lazy blogger! I love love love the Sparitual line. I'm going to check out their collection and if it's not too overthetop pricey I think I might pick up some of their polishes :D

  5. Hi Tuli!

    Thanks for the tip I'll definitely try the polishes with Konad but I'm still such a newb haha. I guess practice makes perfect xx

  6. Hi Mitsue!

    Did you go to the beauty expo too?! I had tonnes of fun and everyone was so nice there. I bought so many polishes though and felt a little guilty afterwards haha. I love Adore too it's just such a nice and bright colour! xx :)