Thursday, September 3, 2009

56: Update

Hi Girls!

I miss you all so much and I have so many new swatches and nail art samples to show you but my laptop's power adapter had decided to die a few days ago so I am now without a working computer :(

I promise to post a proper update soon but it feels like so many things aren't working out the way I want them to so posting will just have to wait a bit until I get back on track.

Love you girls! Talk to you soon :)



  1. Hi Joyce,
    sorry about your power adapter, hope you get it all sorted out soon so I can see your new stuff!

  2. Joyce I'm so sorry your having such a problem! What a pain, without a power adapter you can't do anything! I'll be checking back everyday till you get everything fixed. Hope it's soon.

  3. Hi Kae!

    When my power adapter broke I honestly thought that I should replace it ASAP but then again laziness beat out common sense so there I was stuck without a computer lol :)

  4. Hi Lucy!

    You are just the sweetest! I will get one as soon as I can and hopefull we'll be up and running again as usual :D