Sunday, September 19, 2010

118: Zoya Sparkle swatches

Hi Girls

Here are the swatches from Zoya's Sparkle Collection. I am so in love with these colours. They're so nice! This collection is great and fun for Summer :D

This is 4 coats of Ivanka and Charla. I love the green!!!

This is 3 coats of Nhidi, Gilda, Alegra, and Mimi

I also wanted to share my Lush bath from last week. I used my Still Life Flower Ballistic and I loved it! The scent is really citrus-y and it made the water so silky. I finished the bath with Buffy Body Butter. I originally wanted to use my Strawberry Feels Massage Bar but I didn't even need it since the Body Butter was so moisturizing!

So relaxing..

See you guys soon :)



  1. Those Zoya's look fantastically shiny, what pretty colours! I'm super jealous of your relaxing bath too, it looks like heaven!

  2. Hi Violet!

    Thanks for your comment.. I looove the glitter it's just as pretty in real life too! You can have a lush bath too! The most relaxing one would probably be the 'honey' smelling products :)

  3. btw.. I loved your post about modifying your boots! The end product was absolutely amazinggg :)

  4. I bought Ivanka and Charla myself, GORGEOUS! I love your swatches, always so clean and color accurate. I'm a total bath person as well, these bath treats look so relaxing!

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  6. Those glittery polishes look fun :3

  7. Lovely colours :)

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