Sunday, September 19, 2010

118: Zoya Sparkle swatches

Hi Girls

Here are the swatches from Zoya's Sparkle Collection. I am so in love with these colours. They're so nice! This collection is great and fun for Summer :D

This is 4 coats of Ivanka and Charla. I love the green!!!

This is 3 coats of Nhidi, Gilda, Alegra, and Mimi

I also wanted to share my Lush bath from last week. I used my Still Life Flower Ballistic and I loved it! The scent is really citrus-y and it made the water so silky. I finished the bath with Buffy Body Butter. I originally wanted to use my Strawberry Feels Massage Bar but I didn't even need it since the Body Butter was so moisturizing!

So relaxing..

See you guys soon :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

117: Lush & IMATS hauls

Hello Friends :)

I hope you guys are having a great weekend! It's been super hot in Sydney lately which is a nice change from all the rain we had last week. I took a day off from work last Friday and went shopping with my cousin because she was moving to Shanghai for work and I wouldn't be able to see her in a long time. I signed up to the Lush forums and recieved a 10% off coupon just for joining! Of course we had to take the chance to abuse this so we headed to Lush early in the morning and went a little bit crazy. My cousin picked up a tub of Mask Of Magnaminty and a Light Yellow Colour Supplement. They threw in a sample of Vanishing Cream for her to use on her pimples. Here are the things I got..

I actually don't really like the smell of Sweetie Pie but when I saw the sparkles and the wiggle and wobble I just had to have it! I hear it's great to use in the summer because you can actually chill this in the fridge :)

This is 140g of the Figs and Leaves Soap. I love this soap. It smells amazing and it's very moisturizing unlike the other soaps that leave your skin feeling tight. It also has a great texture for exfoliating :)

This is Buffy. He's a Body Butter. I bought 2 Body Butters that day so I got a free tin (yay) :)

This is the other Body Butter. His name is King Of Skin. I haven't tried this one yet (I want to finish Buffy first) but hopefully they'll have the same effects and will be super moisturizing!

Ma Bar and Honey Bee both smell like Honey I Washed The Kids Soap!!!!! I'm saving this bathtime combo for a stressful day at work :)

I wanted to try Dream Cream (it's Lush's best selling cream) and got talked into getting the Dreamwash too. I quite like the scents of both Dream Cream and Dreamwash so I hope it'll be good for my dry skin.

Look at all these samples!!! I don't even think we were the first paying customers of the day but the friendly girls there gave us tonnes of samples to take home. The best 'sample' of all?.. 1 HALF of The Comforter Bubble Bar (it was huge)! I love me Bubble Bars :D

After Lush we had a quick lunch and went for some Duty Free shopping in Circular Quay. I ended up getting a MAC palette and my cousin got a MAC Digi Pops palette in Peach and a super orange Anna Sui lipstick. I love duty free!..

This is my little MAC Palette: Trip Cool Eye Shadows. The colours in this palette are (from left to right) - Filament, Neutral Pink, Carbon, Flirty Number, Little Minx and Flashtrack.

Today I woke up super early and met my friend Teresa in the City for breakfast. We finished our breakfast and headed over to Darling Harbour because the IMATS came to Sydney :) We booked our tickets a month ago and overall we did manage to pick up a few things here and there. To be honest though I don't think I would spend money to go again because it was a bit disappointing. When they first announced the exhibitors they had brands like Make Up Forever, MAC, OCC, Hakuhodo, Ben Nye and many more. When we got there we couldn't find MAC and OCC (I really wanted to buy lip tars) and the rest of the suppliers had very limited products (except for Hakuhodo & Crown Brush). You would have to order a lot of them in. We watched a presentation by Koren aka Enkore (from Youtube), grabbed our stuff and headed back. I think we only managed to spend around 2.5 hours there. Booooo :/ Here are the things I managed to grab..

My mini haul :)

I'm so glad we went early because the Make Up Forever Aqua Creams sold out really quickly (well the colours we like were all sold out when we left) Since they were one of the first stands we headed over to them first. We each got an Aqua Cream in 02 and a Aqua Eyes pencil in 3L. After walking back and forth we decided to go back for Aqua Creams 01 and 04. We both got one of each colour. We were lucky because we managed to grab the last 01.

I wanted to try Ben Nye after hearing good reviews on Youtube. I picked up the popular Total Cover-All Wheel in SK-200 and an extremely awesome Silver Shimmer Crayon! I love this crayon the quality is amazing.. I just wish they had more colours!

After watching Enkore's presentation I found the Hakuhodo stand and wanted to try out some of their brushes. The quality is amazing. Even though I bought the less expensive ones you can still feel that it's very well made. These were $47.00 for 2.

Also I ordered this a long time ago but forgot to post it.. The Australian Lush website had a special 'Have A Night In For 2' deal and basically all you had to do was call Lush Mail Order and ask for the sample kit. The consultant will ask you a few questions about your skin and help you put together your little sample skincare pack. I thought this was a great chance to try some of the Lush skincare items. The kit came with 7 items for $19.95! I caved and also got another Sakura scented flower bath bath ballistic. Here are the things in my kit..

I LOVE Angels on Bare skin, Ultra Bland, and Celestial. I think I'll use my 10% off skincare discount on a full size pot of Celestial next time.. it's just so moisturizing!

PS. The Sakura bath ballistic was very moisturizing but the scent made me a bit sick. It was just too floral. I couldn't stand it so I had to cut my bath time in half..

Thanks for making it to the end of the post. I'll have swatches of Zoya's Sparkle collection up tomorrow. Talk to you guys soon!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

116: Mini haul swatches

Hi Friends!

Here's just a quick post with a few swatches from my little haul earlier. I think this is the first time I've taken photos during the day! :D

These colours are from Zoya's Winter Matte Velvet collection. This is 3 coats of Veruschka and Savita!

This is 3 coats of OPI's Cuckoo For This Color. I love this colour! It looks so pretty in the sunlight.

This was my mani from a week ago. I used Zoya's Luna from their Ultra Glitter collection for this gradient. Doesn't it look like snow? :)

These are the 2 other colours from Zoya's Ultra Glitter collection. This is 3 coats of Nova (pinky purple) and Astra (pink). I love these colours!!!

This was swatched from the OPI Shrek-Tacular Minis. I hated the mini brush. I couldn't get the polish to apply streak free so this is 4 coats of What's With The Cattitude?, Fiercely Fiona, Rumple's Wiggin', and Who The Shrek Are You?. I'm not a huge fan of this collection but I did LOVE the movie :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I have a Lush post coming soon.

PS. Do you enjoy reading Lush posts or would you rather only have me blog about nail polish? Please let me know what you think :)